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Electricity and energy works

Our offer:
  • Electric internal and external 230/400V installations, main, emergency and evacuation lighting.
  • Power lines and networks of low and medium voltage: cable and overhead.
  • 15/0.4 kV transformer stations: construction, maintenance, interim reviews, permanent agreements for operation and supervision.
  • Construction and assembly: distribution and control boards.
  • Protection and power measurements: network, devices and installations together with a comprehensive analysis of network parameters.
  • Diagnostics and thermovision measurements: networks and power devices (distribution boards and transformer stations, etc.).
  • Installations: lightning protection, fire protection, surge protection.
  • Temporary power supply to construction sites and site service.
  • System maintenance and 24h power service.
  • Power supply: guaranteed (UPS), back-up (power generator).
  • Control and measurement instruments and automation as well as automatic transfer switch.
  • Networks and installations: telecommunications, teletechnical, fibre optics, LAN.
  • Installations of intelligent traffic management and traffic lights.
  • Street, road, square and parking lot lighting with power reduction and intelligent control.
  • Fire protection systems and installations, sound warning systems, BSM energy management, CCTV, RTV.
  • Indirect and semi-indirect measurement systems with remote reading and power control.
  • Installations: emergency, signalling, remotely controlled and GSM/GPRS management.
  • Light illuminations of buildings and structures.
  • Technical and economic analysis of tariff and reactive power compensation devices selection.
  • Technical counselling complete with electric energy cost analysis and optimisation.